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About us

Nearly 10 years of establishment and development, thank to the solidarity of dynamical collectivity and ceaselessly learning, with the investment of new technologies in the design, management, production organization. This truths helped Van Thuan Thanh become one of the strong unit and sustainable development in the mechanical production of Vietnam.

Our Van Thuan Thanh Company Ltd specialized in producing mechanical products to serving production and consumption such as: Scaffolding, pillars, Steel Pipe, concrete aggregate, rua Car , stroller, improved car...With affiliates members are arranged on the country, we are becoming partner for various constructions in da nang, provinces north and south.

Wishing to bring safety in construction for constructions, Van Thuan Thanh Company Ltd will try more and more hard working to produce high-quality products with reasonable price. Our of staff  team always ready to response all requests from the partners a thoughtful professional

Proud with ourself achievements, however we understand that “all difficult still in the front”. Each day we are passionate researchers to creating products carry world-class.

Thank you for our guest, business friends, customer who will come to Van Thuan Thanh.

You are a strong source of motivation for the development and successful of us.